Up And Running

My journey to document the update and remodel of our house on the bay near Grayton Beach, Florida began back in 2017. My husband and I had barely moved in and I had written three posts describing the renovations when the house burned. (You can read the entire story of The Night We Burned Bay Magnolia Down here.) Thankfully, nobody got hurt –and that’s really all that matters.

As we started to rebuild, I tried to carry on writing about my sweet little cottage by the bay but soon found that living in one state while building a home in another was a daunting task. Finding time to write about it was even more difficult. I spent the bulk of my time living on I-65 as I traveled back and forth countless times and in the end, it was all worth it. SO worth it. We had a fabulous builder and an amazing architect and while I never set out to build a house, I was very excited of the possibilities ahead. My husband (Daddy) was relaxed about the whole situation. I mean, he’d already burned the house down so what was there to worry about moving forward?  I tried to get him to go to planning meetings and meet the architects and look at flooring and paint and what have you but he declined. He said “You let me know when the music is playing, the lamps are on and the candles are lit and I’ll be there.” And that’s exactly how it went.

I hope you will enjoy looking back on our journey and that you’ll stick around to catch up. Now that I’m firmly planted in The Linger Long-er Cottage I can commit to sharing more about our happy home with those of you who are interested. Hopefully it will give you something pretty to look at and some pretty funny stories to laugh at as well!

I thank you for following along. post

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