Pretty, Weird Choices

I have said it before and I will say it again: I did not want to build a house. I haven’t really changed my mind about that but having the ability to work with Chris Harp of Ryan-Harp Construction has, at the very least, helped me to enjoy this crazy roller coaster ride that I never bought a ticket for!  Of course, I became super fast friends with his lovely wife and have fallen completely in love with their three precious daughters and over the last several months we have drafted them into our rag-tag, ever expanding “Beach Family” crew.  I can easily say without hesitation that their addition makes me quite happy!


Chris and his crew are moving along at quite a speedy pace and he sends me constant photo updates of all the new additions. From “tear down” to “walls up” everything has moved much faster than I had anticipated and I am elated!

I have come to think of him as a younger brother of sorts and he has tolerated my weird ideas and unusual requests without ever loosing the smile on his face.  So far.

We have a long way to go yet so I know that can change……but I am hoping for the best.


One huge aspect of building for the first time that I did not consider is all of the choices I would have to make. Flooring, bath tubs, moulding, porch railings, windows, doors, you name it. I have very strong opinions and I often choose things that don’t fall on what one would consider the ordinary path. Not so much the road less traveled but rather the road I have all to myself because nobody else wants to travel it….because it is rather odd. Oh sure, I like pretty things and nice things but I also like weird things. Sometimes for weird reasons. And while my husband has learned to roll with it through the years it is a whole new experience for Chris.


“Wallpaper?” He asked.  “In 2019?”   That is correct.

“Your stove is being shipped from France?”    That is correct.



“A green front door?”   That is correct.


“Downton Abbey doorknobs?”    That is correct.

Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 12.00.00 PM

“No overhead lighting in the dining room?”    That is correct.


The list goes on and on but he is patient and kind….for now.



In the last picture Chris sent me a few days ago I could see that the windows and doors were all in place and the siding was starting to go up. They will start on the interior soon and I can’t wait to walk through again in the next few weeks and get a real feel for this home we will soon call our own.

It’s time to start making some serious interior decisions this week and I think I may tell him I have decided to add a fireman’s pole to the den….just for fun!